Adult Nights

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What makes Spark’s Adult Paint Night series different from the other adult paint places?

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screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-11-47-21-amAt Spark we encourage creativity, so we want to help you bring your idea to life.  What does that mean?   Unlike the other adult paint places, at Spark the whole class will not be painting the same peice that was preselected by a staff member.  In fact, our staff has nothing to do with the piece you paint, it’s totally up to you!  Our knowledgable staff, lead screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-11-46-39-amby Owner and Art Director Jamie Aubin BFA, will offer individualized instruction based on your selection.  We can help you recreate a piece you found online, we can help you make a piece that is inspired by something you may have seen in passing, and if you aren’t really sure what to create, we can help ignite the SPARK in your mind to get the creative juices flowing!   Our Adult Paint Nights have become extremely popular, and we are proud to host these workshops as private events as well!